England: Natur, Kultur und 24 Schüler/innen des TFG
Auch die diesjährige Englandfahrt der neunten Jahrgangsstufe war ein voller Erfolg. 24 Schülerinnen und Schüler kamen in den Genuss des schönen Wetters an der Südküste Englands.
Nach der Busfahrt inklusive Fährüberfahrt und unzähligen Fotos vom Meer und von der Küste wurden wir von unseren Gastfamilien freundlich in Eastbourne empfangen. Nach ersten Gesprächen legten wir uns alle schlafen, mit Vorfreude auf die kommenden Tage in England. England, wir kommen!

On the first day we explored Eastbourne as much as we could. In the morning we visited a local language school, where we talked about films and surviving in a desert. Meanwhile we improved our pronunciation and learned new vocabulary in order to challenge our teachers in Germany. Try them to pronounce "criticism" five times in a row correctly! After that, we explored the city itself: We discovered the many shops and malls. But our personal highlight is Harry Ramsden's legendary Fish'n Chips eaten at the Golden Pier with a fantastic view of the sea! If you are lucky enough you can spot the pier's owner driving in his gilded Mercedes. An unforgettable experience! As time went on, it quickly became evening and we went back to our host families excited about the upcoming day.

We got up early in the morning and quickly went onto the bus. Out of sheer joy time went by so fast we were almost instantly at Greenwich Meridian. Only one moment later we were on a ship going along River Thames and excitedly took many pictures of the Tower Bridge – we were in London! One of the many unbelievable experiences was the London Eye. We stepped in a passenger car and were quickly on top of London with a fantastic view of the skyline, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, lovely decorated green gardens and more. Uncountable photos, selfies and even more selfies later we were back on the ground. We shortly visited a 4-D cinema and then went through London passing the Clock Tower, Nelson's Column to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives. The sights don't even look half as good in photos as they do in reality. Absolutely stunning! Furthermore, we then got time to explore London on our own in little groups, in order to visit our favourite places and shops. When we met again we took the Tube back to our bus with our hands filled with bags of souvenirs and way too many sweets. On the bus we first had to empty the storage of our mobile phones - that many photos had been taken!


London 2

The next day, we went more or less well rested to Brighton, another city at the southern coast of England. Also here, there was no time to lose. After a short but very interesting presentation of the Royal Pavilion we split up again to explore the beautiful historic city. It is filled with many lanes with even smaller shops. It is a paradise for everyone who loves architecture, culture, shopping – generally speaking there is always something you would like, regardless of your interests. After we had looted the local shops and malls and visited the pier with a theme park on it, we enjoyed the unique beach. Supported by the stunning weather it was just awesome. Afterwards, we went to Beachy Head, the biggest chalk cliff in Great Britain! Looking down 160 metres to the almost Caribbean-like looking water was indescribable. The cliff was gorgeous and a breathtaking motive for, of course, a photo. Subsequently, we hiked back down the incredible looking coast and the cliff back to Eastbourne Pier. The view at sunset was spectacular and we all enjoyed it!



And that is it. The time went by so quickly we did not even notice it was time for our departure. That is why we spent our last evening with our host families. And then we already needed to leave England. Goodbye! Über Frankreich, Belgien und die Niederlande ging es zurück nach Deutschland. Wir waren alle zugegebenermaßen traurig, dass unsere Reise schon beendet war und wir Englands Südküste und unsere Gastfamilien schon verlassen mussten. Es hat einfach super viel Spaß gemacht. Der Trip war einfach unfassbar!


London 1

Paul Sprenger, 9/5